JSB....back at it, in a freshly remodeled studio....

Hey yo…..I haven’t written an update on here for a while. As a band we have been going through some significant changes and though they took a time to sort, I feel we are finally ready to get back on the proverbial musical chair.

Musically I felt we needed a hiatus, the music was getting bogged down, enthusiasm and creativity was waning, and I felt like I was simply writing the same song over and over. In addition I have a new employer which required a fairly intensive training program, and Alex (lead guitar) has moved forward into a different phase of life which has required him to step back from “banding” with us. All this came together coincidentally with the end of the summer festival season which made me feel it was a ripe time for a hiatus.

Now, the rain has come, us in the PNW are inside a lot, and my creative juices are flowing! I took the opportunity of a hiatus to remodel my studio so I have a fresh and inspiring create space. I love my new space and I find myself down their every moment I can afford.

Tonight is our first band practice in 2 months +, down one member and still searching for a lead guitar player, but back at it and ready to make noise. I’m excited for what lays ahead for us.

You can expect new music from us starting in 2019, so stay tuned…….Play Your Hand EP is in route.