Ballard WA, we are on our way.......

I love playing live!  Its so much fun to build setlist, tweek your tones, get in that last practice with the band.  For a long time we played live as much as possible.  We were tailoring our live set, perfecting it, making it something we could be proud of.  Now we play much less frequently, essentially placing quality over quantity.  I believe it is paying off and I hope you can join us tomorrow night, Friday 3.23 9pm, Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard WA.  

We will be joined by Runaway Symphony and Brian Stai.  It is going to be a fantastic evening of music.  IN ADDITION, we will be releasing our newest EP, Robot Dance EP.  We are super excited about this album.  Here is what the Old School Project said about our latest album.

"A light hearted, electric guitar driven, rock collection. It sharply contradict Jason's usual themes of solace and introspection. Troubadour roots be dammed, Jason rocks here and Seattle's indie music community is finally showing signs of coming to life."

We will be showcasing all the songs of this album plus many more.  Hope to see you there!