Acoustic EP enroute!

For the last year or so I have been working on an acoustic EP.  The idea was to record a block of songs that were "performed" with acoustic instruments, not pieced together as a recording cake in the studio.  Despite the apparent simplicity this is in fact a very difficult task.  I found myself embarking on a marathon task of trying to find the perfect performance since their is no amps, or studio magic to cover up any imperfections.  Needless to say I am excited that I have 4 acoustic recordings I will be releasing this summer so keep tuned.  To put icing on the cake I brought in a couple friends to make the songs more dynamic.  Danny McMahon added beautiful piano to one song and local guitar shredder and Home Sweet Home front man Adam Williams let go of his Les Paul for a nylon string acoustic guitar to add a lovely little flamenco guitar to another piece.  I am excited about these songs, they are raw, imperfect, an honest.  Keep an eye out, more details to come on an exact release date.