Robot Dance EP

We release our 5th installment this weekend at Conor Byrne Pub alongside Runaway Symphony and Brian Stai.  Its gonna be a great show.  Doors open at 8.  

It has been a fun show to prepare for.  The new songs are all much more uptempo and fun.  I have been trying to design our setlist so that it in a perpetual incline, each song raising the energy slightly more than the last.  And for the first time in forever, we will be finishing our set with a cover.  Alex was insistent that a song by Drake would be the perfect topper, so I conceded, somewhat reluctantly.  Needless to say I believe he may be correct.  We have put our own flare on one of the proverbial pop stars songs and I think it turned out quite well.    

We are excited, and I hope you are too.  Detail for the show can be found HERE.

Cheers!  Jason

Switching Guitars

Im working on the setlist for May 8 at Royal Room with Runaway Symphony and Being Lucius. (Details can be found here...

Setlist are interesting cause you have to thing about the arc of the performance, where you want energy and where you want to bring it down, how the songs link together, etc. But there is another factor for me when I'm designing setlist. Every time I have to switch guitars I introduce variables that increase my likelihood of a major mistake. It goes like this, "ok new guitar, tune, drop D?, drop D two capo Ben Howard tuning?, capo in the right place? new setting on my global pedal, Y switch to amp or PA?, capo in the right place (again for emphasis)?" Doesn't seem like a big deal but silence sucks! Silence between songs seems to go on for ever and ever and ever and get ever more awkward. I already know I am not the greatest showman so I am really trying to put together a smooth professional performance. Its difficult. I figure their are other successful bands where the front guy doesn't jump around like a moron and pretend to be a bigger deal than he is. Arctic Monkeys....that dude is so cool, doesn't jump around like an idiot. As my drummer says..."you should never be more excited than the crowd."


Funny how things work out. Approaching the 1 year anniversary of the passing of my wife I was offered the opportunity to stay alone on a house boat for a little stay-cation. I took Howie and a guitar, wrote a song (the first new song in a LONG time). For some reason I knew I had to get it recorded. Called Joe, he cleared the next few days at Orbit for me, and we were at it. 2 days later I had a new single, accompanied video, and an entire concept for a new album. Best part is I had a nice little expression of love to post on my wife's Facebook page commemorating surviving one year without my soul mate. Funny how things work out. All the pieces of the puzzle just fell into place. When ideas, concepts, creativity arise, you have to be ready pounce on them and run. Aggressively capture special moments cause they can be gone before you blink. Check out our new video here.


Tonight Julia (vocals/keys) said an unexpected thing to everyone before she departed after practice tonight. "Thanks for being such a cool band." It struck me. And she's right. We are. Julia plays in several music projects. Actually everybody in Jason Sees Band plays in other projects. We welcome that. And thats the point of this post. This band is different, it seems like everyone else complains about their music projects. Why? Music is so rad. All 6 of us are so happy to be part of what were doing in JSB. I've been very deliberate about creating that environment. There is no expectations, if you can't make practice cause your kid is sick, thats cool. Everyone's part is there own, their place in the band is what they make it. This bands core is love and respect. The interesting thing is that my release of creative control creates an environment where everyone is receptive to others input and place in the music. Their is no ego's, wanna be rock stars, or creative elitists here. Julia is right, this is a cool band. So fun.

Winding Rhodes

Keys all day today at Orbit. It's been really interesting to watch Danny, our piano player, record his parts to these songs. He's an incredibly accomplished pianist. He a piano instructor, well versed in theory, classical and jazz music. He can play stuff that will blow your friggin mind.....but the truth is this music doesn't need that. It needs support, textures, and hooks. All pretty JV kinda stuff for a pianist like Danny. But Danny is a man of humbleness and is more interested in playing what's right for the song, not showcasing his chops. I feel very blessed that he wants to play on this album. He and his wife were close to Zandy, and I think it's a nice thing for him to be able to honor Zandys life through this album.


Joe Reineke, the dude producing our album, insists that Howie, my 110 lb. black lab(isn) dog, be present at all of our recording sessions. It was quite a relief that Howie and Joe connected because now I don't have to find someone to watch him every time I go spend the day in the studio. But Howie also has become an integral part of the process, whether he knows it or not.

Weekend 2

Drum tracks complete, which is a relief cause now the whole band doesn't have show up at the studio. Dave cleaned up two more songs and then we approached a song where the beat has just never quite been right. We landed on an idea that the drums should have an almost techno feel so Joe did his pro tools thing and began sampling drum sounds and then creating the beat in the box. It wasn't quite right either. We went full circle on this thing, plodding through at least 6 different patterns that Dave meticulously crafted. We ended up landing back where we started. Oh well, guess sometimes you have to explore all your options to figure out whats right. Dave Campbell is a workhorse drummer, a true pro. If anyone needs a session drummer he's your guy, look him up.

So gone

Sitting in the control room listening to Shaun track bass lines as I write this. I think most the time when I play these songs I'm so focused on not screwing up my parts that I rarely think about what these songs are really about. She is just SO gone. It's absolutely draining just listening to these songs, sitting back and thinking about the different pieces of our life together that inspired all this different music, good and bad. Life is frail and important. Hug someone you love.